We match the right job with the right person.

The volatile markets, fluctuating economy and intense competition firms’ face in today’s times dictates the need for not just quality manpower but visionary professionals who are the best at what they do. Greenland Human Resource Consultancy is an HR consultancy in Dubai that helps connect businesses with experts who have the right set of skills backed by the resilience to work in a dynamic environment. From recruitment and selection to training, development and performance management, our Human Resource experts have you covered.

Our years of experience have enabled us to gauge the increasing requirements for professional management and visionary leadership in companies based in this part of the world. It is our goal to aid companies in sourcing visionary leaders with far-sighted strategic thinking.

We are an enthusiastic team of Human Resource professionals who understand your businesses needs, goals and aspirations. We make your dreams our own and find you the talent that can make your dreams come true.

Mission & VISION

Our Mission

At Greenland Human Resource Consultancy, we have a dual mission - one is geared towards employers and the other towards job seekers. To be the best recruitment agency in Dubai offering the highest standard of service and deliver end-to-end Human Resource Management Solutions to companies in the UAE. To offer meaningful employment to candidates from different backgrounds and industries so that they can use their skills to enhance the organization while achieving personal goals

Our Vision

We strive to position our recruitment agency as a partner with businesses to help them achieve the right set of professional manpower that can fulfill the set objectives with ease.



Passion is at the crux of our company. We are continuously learning, innovating, and growing. We are passionate about the industry we operate in and this drives us to motivate and inspire others.


We believe in helping businesses create a culture of belonging and warmth. We work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and we attempt to foster an environment where everyone is welcome.

Investing in people

We are a people-driven company. We hope to create communities one person at a time. This entails meeting each other in a spirit of brotherhood and dealing with every client with complete respect and honesty. We invest our time and effort in providing others with transformative knowledge in all spheres of our business.


In business, transparency and loyalty is what is most needed for the good of all stakeholders. Not only do we promise respect, transparency and direct feedback, but also encourage good communication between employers and job seekers.